Understanding why this blog is here.

There are way to many logical fallacies and complete falsehoods going around, while these get retracted. The meme continues on. Most of us have too much going on to research. I happen to have a lot of liberal friends so I find myself researching quite a bit. Many fact checkers are partisan, many “fair and balanced” groups are not. I will try make both sides of the arguments as I see them. Break down what I see and dispel bloggers lack of ability to research their own work.  I am not here to be that “balanced” source, there are many times I can’t make sense of the other sides argument.  Most of the time neither can they.  I am here to show both sides of the argument.  Why they are disparate and usually can’t be reconciled and why I believe what I believe.  If its a blatant lie I will try to find the retraction or a real news source that backs the opposing view.  I will try to not let it be partisan. (“Well it’s kind of a lie” doesn’t cut it.  I will use my personal common sense) or Logical fallacy, a link to the http://yourlogicalfallacyis.com site and type will be referenced. I am not here to defend the RNC though I am a conservative. I supported a self proclaimed libertarian in the primary and am a registered republican.


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