Is the DNC trying to ruin Obama’s reelection campaign?

I really think the DNC ruined Obama’s reelection chances.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is Chairman of the DNC.  It seems her delegates are a bit more to the left than her base.   I  live in the south with the blue dog democrats, almost all are religious.  Most are union and family people and God fearing.   So why all the fluster at the DNC over Jerusalem and God?  The DNC has moved to the left since electing Nancy Pelosi to the house.  The Delegates are more and more left leaning and majority self identified liberal when the rest of us, those that live in reality when asked Identify as 20% liberal 40% conservative and 40% neither/undecided. Furthermore,  92 percent of Americans say they believe in God.  So why did these amendments get stricken?

The liberal, anti-Christian, socialists coming out of the closet in masse. The Defense of Marriage act which most feel is the Religious “placing their faith on others”. Ignorant Religious or violent people claiming to be religious have done much harm in the name of their God(s).  The anti Christian sentiment in particular  among the far left is seething and it showed quite clear.

The problem is, their base doesn’t agree.  Again 92% of the population believes in God. With that being said I think that Schultz made her “personal bubble” the democratic national stance.   Moreover, I had never heard Obama say anything otherwise about Jerusalem or Israel.  Why does this bother me?  Because it bugs me when a politician states their opinion then people start using the platform as if the politician never even stated their opinion.  You know kind of like all liberals saying Romney is going to try to force rape victims to carry to term, when he stated his specific opinion on the matter.

As an educated conservative, I do not believe Obama is Muslim.  I do believe his life led him to be sympathetic towards those of Islamic faith and sympathy is never a bad thing in a Christian’s book.

Why? There are only 2 reasons for this, either the Bill Maher’s of the party ran ramshackle over the delegation votes and don’t realize they live in a little Hollywood bubble.  Possibly, Schultz is trying to ruin Obama so Clinton gets a stain free record to run on in 2016.  Clinton will be hard pressed to win if Obama has another 4 years in my opinion.

RWBD, why defend Obama?!?

Why am I defending Obama? He has lost the election through no fault of his own.   Schultz singlehandedly will make Romney our next president.

A side affect, this is bothersome: This has been an opportunity for those like Alan West to put up false political ads stating that the dissenting votes were only about God, when it was about Jerusalem as well.  The man standing up shouting “no” has an Arab American league shirt on, but they wouldn’t show you that.  .  We shouldn’t have to stretch the truth, we have won the election.


Ron Paul versus the GOP – Ron Paul supporters aren’t all libertarians. How to tell if your a disenfranchised democrat or a libertarian.

There was quite a bit of hubbub recently about Ron Paul and the RNC. No one seems to take he other side of this issue except for me, being that no other Ron Paul supporters were removed except for Maine.

There are a bunch of reasons to bash Mitt as  a libertarian, this just wasn’t one of them.

A few points everyone seems to miss:

  1. Ron Paul decided to run under the RNC banner. He ran as a republican and had got a lot of votes, meaning he wasn’t the “write-off” he was in 2008. Tea Partiers loved Ron Paul and Cain
  2. Ron was offered a speaking slot.
  3. Rand Paul spoke and let’s be honest he isn’t that special in the RNC.
  4. Ron Paul had a tribute played to him on day 2.
  5. Most of his platform made it into the convention.
  6. Only Maine was removed.

With all that being said I still love Ron Paul and really am starting to not lot like my fellow supporters.  Here is the original story.

Ron Paul could have had enough votes to actually have to have a nomination run off, he would have won 5 states. While this was in the rules he got less than ½ the votes of Santorum who left the race out of grace.

Now some generally known facts:

  1. Libertarians in general came out of a conservative branch of the parties and in general have some major disagreements.
    1. The roles religion can play in the government.
    2. The war on drugs.
    3. While GOP is for less government, libertarians take that to every department.
    4. The stance on our military and their function.
    5. Libertarians have a wider range of views than most who identify Republicans and Democrats, some like our military where they are like Neil Boortz, while others want a complete removal from foreign countries like Ron Paul.
    6. 2 self-proclaimed libertarians ran under the RNC ticket proving which party affiliation it is closer aligned with.
    7. The two parties are very closely aligned on the debt, gold standard, welfare state, taxes, personal responsibility and patriotism.
    8. Ron Paul supports has a much larger proportion of disenfranchised Obama supporters than the regular Libertarian candidate.

What I see:

  1. Some Drama queen posts this on YouTube, completely giving a one side story Insinuating:
    1. Problems: The majority of condescending votes weren’t delegates while it makes it seem like the delegates voted no.  See MSNBC mind you:
    2. A blatant lie that delegates can change their votes how they want to. Only super delegates can do that.
    3. An attempt at a Coup by a few drama queens. So this guy was trying to make trouble.  Look at the Ron Paul screaming in hallway. It was laughable and coffee house frat like.  “If it can happen to Maine”, yes you are right. Any state could easily let a few Yahoo’s in.  Also “this is going to affect the election”.  Again pointing back to the above fact that Ron Paul supporters are mostly from Obama’s hope and change failure.  So they go right back on the attack on GOP.
    4. Ron Paul supporters urging then to vote Democrat 5 minutes after the incident.  They weren’t real republicans. They just like Ron Paul.

What I am sad about:

  1. No one researches, everything that is stated is fact even from bloggers on Huffington.

A few days later after I ask the questions about “were these people just making trouble”.  We get this Article stating the people who were taken out were misbehaving and were’nt properly elected (listen to the first part of the Maine report).  This is from the Maine delegations mouth, not some 3rd party cellphone. Contradicting all the misinformation I had to deal with for 4 days.

What I also see: Facebook sites claiming to be libertarian or For Ron Paul supporters suggesting that Ron Paul supporters would be more for Obama. I would say, do you know what libertarians believe? Ever listened to Neil Boortz or Herman Cain?  I would say, you may not be a libertarian. You may be a disenfranchised democrat.

Ron we love you, you took the debt talk to the streets and won. But you lost, it’s time to understand that. What was done at the RNC was like expecting a birthday present at someone else’s party.  Yes they skipped re-voting, considering you got less than 10% of the popular vote it was just nonsense. If you really wanted to overturn the popular vote that then you are not the man I once wanted to follow.  Ron Paul supporters that rail against he party your candidates ran in seems a bit off.   You don’t seem like libertarians, you are confused. No one stopped to ask.   “Does this make sense?”,”Am I getting the entire story?”.

A great way to tell if you are a libertarian or a democrat.   Have you ever bashed Mitt on his tax returns or because he is rich?  Libertarians like money.  Democrats like bashing Mitt.

Don’t get me wrong Libertarians bashing Mitt is healthy, GOP again has many differences across many smaller segments that identify as libertarian.  Vote for Johnson, if you realize you need to vote elsewhere I can’t see how the party ideals align with any other party.

Understanding why this blog is here.

There are way to many logical fallacies and complete falsehoods going around, while these get retracted. The meme continues on. Most of us have too much going on to research. I happen to have a lot of liberal friends so I find myself researching quite a bit. Many fact checkers are partisan, many “fair and balanced” groups are not. I will try make both sides of the arguments as I see them. Break down what I see and dispel bloggers lack of ability to research their own work.  I am not here to be that “balanced” source, there are many times I can’t make sense of the other sides argument.  Most of the time neither can they.  I am here to show both sides of the argument.  Why they are disparate and usually can’t be reconciled and why I believe what I believe.  If its a blatant lie I will try to find the retraction or a real news source that backs the opposing view.  I will try to not let it be partisan. (“Well it’s kind of a lie” doesn’t cut it.  I will use my personal common sense) or Logical fallacy, a link to the site and type will be referenced. I am not here to defend the RNC though I am a conservative. I supported a self proclaimed libertarian in the primary and am a registered republican.